Sunday, March 14, 2010

Daily Practice 73/365

Title: "Topographical Note #32"
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Today I felt a bit defeated by my daily practice. I had one idea that I wanted to pursue, but the results were underwhelming. The defeat comes from the time constraints of not only doing daily practice, but also documenting it. I felt I didn't have the time to keep pushing the idea in case nothing came of it at all at which point I would be scrambling later in the evening to come up with something for today's entry. Of course, I could have posted one of the failures, and perhaps I should have. Daily practice isn't always pretty (one might argue it's almost never pretty) and certainly its purpose is not to produce a completed work of art. Its purpose is to build and strengthen those creative muscles and the underlying neural networks that support them. Even when things don't work out, things were done. And that's a success.

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J. M. Golding said...

Yes, it absolutely is!
On one of the 365 discussions, someone commented that it's a photo a day, not a masterpiece a day. I found that helpful to remember :-)