Sunday, March 21, 2010

Daily Practice 80/365

Title: "In the lee of the lull"
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What a spectacular sky awaited at the foot of our street, as one storm was clearing before the arrival of the next. I found a nice perch along the shore just out of the wind, sat with the sun in my face. As I watched the ocean, I thought of the work of Vija Celmins who has produced in various media highly realistic views of the ocean. The works are incredibly detailed, capturing each rise and trough of water - not large, dramatic waves but the water pattern when the wind is relatively calm and the tide is just starting to turn. I think it is common to think of the wave patterns on the ocean to be ever-changing, yet when you have time to sit quietly, you become aware that the visual and aural patterns of the ocean follow a cycle. The drama of the sky can be a feast for the eyes, but it is that ocean cycle that is a feast for the soul.

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