Sunday, March 28, 2010

Daily Practice 87/365

Title: "Topographical Note #28"
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I have started looking at the book "CAGE", a beautiful "behind the scenes" look at the development of the Cage series of paintings Gerhard Richter did in 2007/2008. These are large abstract works nominally inspired by or dedicated to the artistic aesthetic of John Cage. I wanted to get the book because it is filled with photographs of each painting at different stages of the painting process. I admit to being fascinated by the opportunity to get a voyeuristic glimpse at artists' studios, and love photographs of works in progress and of the flotsam and jetsam lying around in the studio. The Richter book does not disappoint, and the essayist Robert Storr spends part of his essay discussing this voyeuristic desire people have to see the studio, and the photographers who attempt to document such spaces.

This is an image from my own "studio" (aka "the basement", of which I am king - that's right, I'm King of the Basement! - oh, such glory). A well used piece of tarlatan is pinned to the wall beside my paper cabinet. I thought it would be a likely subject for the Topographical Notes series, with it's interesting curves and tones of old ink. I also realize looking at the image that by its very nature, tarlatan has built in grid lines, like a map, from the open weave of the material.

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